Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Nothing major! Hey Bandits. In my little absence I've been creating and thinking about my business. Peanutbutterbandit is actually a second store I've opened on Etsy. My original store BedknobsnBroomsticks is still open and where I sold my hand painted shirts. I did very well with my painted shirts on Ebay and only ok on Etsy. I think due to lack of trying?

I'm thinking of going back to it (keeping peanutbutterbandit open) moving my painted knobs, ornaments and switch plates there and leaving my watercolors and original paintings in peanutbutterbandit. If it gets to hard to keep both I'll scrap one or the other. I just want to have a uniform feel to both. Right now I feel like I have to much going on at the bandit.

Now for the good stuff..... I've been playing around with fabric buttons. I made some cute pony holders and bobby pins. They are now available at bedknobsnbroomsticks without further ado......

These are just a few I made there are more in the shop. What do you think of my photos with book prop?



  1. Cute buttons! I love the first pair of bobby pins, so sweet. :)

  2. I opened a new store recently but have not done anything to it. Oops :(

    I like the little bee ponytail holders