Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow again....

Ugh. I'm so ready for spring. I'm tired of shoveling, slush and snow in general. Luckily I have home access for work so I can skip the awful messy commute and work in my PJ's ( if only I could do this everyday)

So far we have about 5-8 inches here at the Jersey shore mixed with sleet. I hear it will get worse as the day goes on. This year later 2009 to now has been crazy weather across the USA. Global warming I guess.

How is the weather where you are dear readers? I hope all are safe and cozy on the eastern seaboard.

Off to shovel (yeah! NOT)


  1. It's blizzarding here in Maryland again!! At least I'm getting things done!

  2. i feel sorry for you all in the US :( we had it bad in the uk a few weeks ago but i dont think it was as bad as what your getting... our country is just not prepared even for an icy night! so it was mayhem for ages, and it's all starting again now