Friday, February 19, 2010

WOW where have I been....

Oh dear bandits I've been around. Just puttering around. Joe and I (well really Joe) Painted our upstairs hallway this past weekend and it looks lovely. We are going trying to finish painting the upstairs by spring doing a room a weekend. This weekend is out but next weekend we will tackle the hall bath.

I have a lot of new dolls in the SHOP these cuties are some of my favs

I realized I don't talk enough about my love love love of peanut butter. Well dear friends I realized this week that I am NOT a fan of Peter Pan peanut butter (sorry) It has no taste and a weird texture. My favorite is Skippy then Jiff and then believe it or not the store brand peanut butters aren't bad such as Shoprite, Foodtown and Wegmans. I despise all natural peanut butter the ones with the oil on the top that you have to mix. Give me chemical processed, sugar filled peanut butter please.

I also made my Febuary goal of reaching 50 sales in my shop! Happy Dance. I'm hoping to hit the movies this weekend and see Avitar. I know I'm probebly the only person on this planet that hasn't seen it. What are your plans for the weekend?



  1. No big plans this weekend....hubby and I are going to a ReThink Topeka event (read more about it on my blog) and then studio time, yay! lol!

    Enjoy Avatar! It's way awesome!!!

    your little people are so cute!

  2. i LOVE peanut butter too... crunchy peanut butter is my fave. as much as i like to eat healthily i dont really take to the natural ones either. it much be the salt and suger in the processed ones :S ah well yum! lol! cute lil doll ladies :D

  3. you have the cutest shop!

    this weekend i might go snowboarding!

    I found your blog through the Etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that your blog is lovely! Have a beautiful weekend!

    xo, Katie

  4. give me the stir-in-the-oil crunchy kind. My guilty pleasure - bacon peanut butter sandwich - OMG it's delicious. I haven't had one in years, so fattening...

  5. cute dolls!

    I've been eating apples with peanut butter a lot lately. :)

  6. Wrote this in the Etsy forum but will write it here too. Love, love these new dolls. They are so darn cute and remind me of those Harajuku Lovers perfume bottoms! ;)

  7. Popping by from Etsy :) Hee-hee, good to read about another p-butt lover ! We use the Kraft smooth blend, love it ! I used to bring the jar to the computer, sometimes even getting Nutella spread & enjoying my own version of Peanut Butter Cups. That was then, this is now. Now I'm on a weightloss journey. Pbutter isn't that low in fat but I do treat myself to a tblspn. every other day. On my free day I will indulge ( maybe with some choc. too ) and love every second. Have you tried peanut butter & sweet pickle sandwichs ? Good ! I also love the Asian dishes with that peanut butter sauce. Oh dear, me mouth is watering. Sat. is my free day, bring on the p-butter !
    And btw: your wee dolls are very sweet. Wonderful shop ♥
    Tracy (ravensmagiclantern.etsy)


    I'm from Brazil and here the brides use to make their cake topper by resine and a material called biscuit, that I completely hate hate hate!
    And then searching on the net for cake topper substitutes I found etsy web site and consequently your work!!
    And when I saw that they could be shiped to Brazil, Ow! I got so excited!!
    And I am also thinking about giving these beatiful woody-girls to my bridesmaid( here we usually give a special gift to each bridesmaid).. and they gonna love it!!

    I have some questions about them, do you have an email that I can write for??

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    And congrats on your work!! They are sooooooo cute!

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