Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

In my house that is! That's right the decorations are up, christmas tunes are playing on the sirius radio and presents are finding there way under the tree.

Here is the fireplace in our family room

The Dining room

The stockings hung oh so carefully. I have to finish the other banister with more garland.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. We ate until our jeans popped! The little pup got her fill too.

Friday I got my wisdom teeth out and believe it or not I'm in no pain, my jaw is just sore. It's weird to feel four holes in your mouth though. I'm happy that I got away with no pain. I'm still taking it easy and relaxing. I'm taking advantage of it by crafting away. I have some new stuff in the Shop stop by for a look.

TTFN Enjoy the weekend! K


  1. The Christmas decs look GREAT!! I'll have to put mine up tomorrow. We usually do ours on the first of December.

    Glad to hear your wisdom teeth went well.

  2. Nice pics of the Christmas decor. I love the tree in the dining room, very pretty!

    You're lucky your wisdom teeth removal went well. I've heard nightmares about getting them removed.

    I see that you're a lover of peanut butter. Me too! :-) And you have a pug. I love pugs!