Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Creative Chaos

Hello Bandits! I have a little treat for you! A peak inside my creative space. It's a work in process as far as 1. organization and 2. all out decorating. We plan on painting the entire top floor of our house next summer.

Here is my creative mess from Sunday. I normally don't have my ironing board in the room but I use it when I paint shirts and I happened to be painting a shirt sunday for a lovely loyal customer. After I finished the shirt I moved all my works in process to the board to give me more room on my desk. OK so here is picure 1.

My closet is FULL of supplies lots of t shirts in bins from when I was heavily painting shirts on ebay. A roll cart with paint, stencils, paper blah blah. I want to eventually get a nice bookcase with bins that are labeled. I have no idea what is where and usually go through several boxes before I find what I need. I also have tons of stuff still in bags from AC moore and Michaels.

In the corner of the room is a little cut out that perfectly fits a bookcase we had in our apartment. I love my bookcase. It holds all the books Joe and I have read over the years plus drying or finished projects LOL. Oh and one of Zoey's beds has to be there. She likes to supervise. She also likes to stand on her back feet and look out the window.

Next is a close up of what's going on, on top of the ironing board. Some may become gifts for xmas or wind up on Etsy there are some wood blocks I covered with yummy christmas paper, a wood doll half painted. and one ornament finished. If you notice I tend to start many projects at once.

Lastly is my desk. I really shouldn't be crafting on it but I don't have anywhere else to do my projects yet. Joe will kill me if he looks at it closely. It has some war wounds :) I have some pendents in the works, more ornaments, blocks and dolls.

There you have it my lovely space to create that more often than not looks like a bomb hit it. Next year I hope to show you a more organized and smartly decorated work space. Do you have a spot devoted just for you to create? Show me! I love looking at creative spaces. Inspires me, I hope I inspired you!

I almost forgot. Here is the shirt I was working on. Beast from Beauty and the beast.


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  1. Loved looking at your creative space. Can't wait to see what your create next.