Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are you watching Jersey Shore???

I know you are. This train wreck is so bad it's too good not to watch. Even Joe my husband is hooked. I'm a born and bread NJ native, Joe is a born and bread NY'er, we're ashamed to say we have come across one or 2 of these himbo's and bimbo's, but please believe me this is only 10% of the population here. The other 80% of us don't talk or act this way. It's a terrible stereo type but I have to say damn entertaining.

My favorite messes are Mike "The Situation" which is how he refers to his abs (come on now. He thinks any girl will fall for him and according to him, he determines when they will ROTFL.

My next favorite mess is Nicole "Snooki" she is so delusional she thinks she is a little version of Kim kardashian, again ROTFL. The girl is orange from spray tanning herself, on top of that she uses bronzer. Kim Kardashian?? try Umpa lumpa.

If you aren't watching this show and love a good train wreck (Rock of Love and Flavor of Love - sorry flav and brett fans) check it out on MTV Thursday nights.

Those of you who don't live on the east coast please note not all NY and NJ people talk or act this way. Just my disclaimer.

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