Friday, December 4, 2009

My teeth hurt

Hey Bandits. I've been a tiny bit under the weather and busy at the same time. 1 week ago today I got my wisdom teeth pulled with pretty much little or no pain WELL.... I still have pretty much no pain but yesterday my lower left side of my face was a little uncomfortable, and as my husband so eloquently put it your "breath smells and your breath never smells" Thanks hon. I begin to think it's getting infected. I called my surgeon and the nurse assured me I'd be in excruciating pain and my face would be swollen. It's probably a dry socket???? She had me come in and she flushed it out and put a medicated gauze in the opening. Ah relief!

I kept it in until this afternoon, went back to the surgeons office where they took it out and showed me how to use a syringe to clean out the socket if food gets stuck in side.

Appprently a dry socket is when the scab that is forming in the hole loosens exposing the wound. All is well know and hopefuly soon this darn hole will close so I can eat normally again. I'm tired of soft mushy food LOL.

Now that I grossed you out. Enjoy your night. Oh more lovely doll pendants popped in the SHOP


  1. I guess the hole in your socket's already closed right now since it's been a year ago. But when you experienced that again, just rinse that part gently and place a dressing with either oil of cloves or Eugenol to soothe the pain temporarily. By the way, I like those pendants. :)

    Joel Jackson

  2. Well, at least it's a good thing that you were able to take care of it right away. And I know how it feels not to eat normal food. I've actually gone through that a lot of times!

    Glenn Koehm