Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthdays and Resolutions

Hello dear bandits I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Here at bandit headquarters we had a birthday with some good family fun, crafting time, and resolutions made.

First I'm making my New Years resolution, I know a week late, but better late then never. I decided to make monthy resolutions or goals. January's resolution is to be a better blogger. I will strive to blog at least every other day. I also would like to hit 30 sales in my etsy shop. I'm at 29! and lastly be a better picture taker especially family pictures.

Saturday was my Niece Kelly's Birthday. Number 23! She's a nurse are we are so proud. Here is a picture or 2 from Saturday.

First picture starting in the back from left to right. My brother in law Frank, my husband Joe, My SIL Sandy, My Mother-in-Law and Father-in-law. In the front is the birthday girl Kelly and her boyfriend Joe.

Same picture but me and Zoey are in it! That's me holding Zoey.

Our new sofa and chair came yesterday. They look wonderful in our little living room. Since it's small this little change really made it more spacious. I'll post pictures soon. I want to get it during the day when the light is good.

Today I made some more pretty pendants. I made an Alice in wonderland, a cute Irish Lasse named Deirdre (she loves Irish soda bread, collecting fairy dust in the meadow near her cottage and the smell of morning dew after rain storm.

Along with those cuties I made 2 wood tile pendants. Creamcicle Stripes and Meadow of clovers both have pewter/bronze inital charms.

That's my udpdate for today. I'm off to watch the rest of H.P. and the goblet of fire on ABC Family


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