Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Servant

Hello Bandits. If you don't know I love old movies especially B&W. Two of my favorite channels to watch are TMC and AMC. Last night I happened upon a movie called "The Servant" from 1963 directed by Joseph Losey starring Dirk Bogarde and James Fox. Two actors to be honest I have no clue who they are, I guess because this was a British production.

Quick plot line:

Tony (James Fox), a wealthy young Londoner, hires Hugo Barrett (Dirk Bogarde) as his manservant. Initially, Barrett appears to easily take to his new job, and he and Tony form a quiet bond while, nevertheless, maintaining their social roles; however, relationships begin shifting, and they change with the introduction of Susan (Wendy Craig), Tony's emotionally- stilted girlfriend, who seems suspicious of Barrett and to loathe all he represents. Barrett brings Vera (Sarah Miles), whom he presents as his sister, into Tony's household as a maidservant, but it emerges that Vera is, in fact, Barrett's lover. Through Barrett's and Vera's games and machinations, they reverse roles with Tony and Susan; Tony becomes more and more dissipated, sinking further to what he perceives as their level, as the "master" and the "servant" exchange roles.

I thought this was wickedly good. Not a psychological thriller but definitely psychological type film. Pretty racy for it's time too. Sexual but obviously not showing things like they do today. They allude to what will take place, which in my opinion is far more exciting that what you see in the movies and on TV today. If you happen across it I recommend watching it or head to netflix/blockbuster and rent it.

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