Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 Random Facts about me.....

Hello Bandits. Hoping you are enjoying the weekend. No crafting today but I plan to get a lot in tomorrow. I thought I would share 5 fun facts about me.

Beside my love for peanut butter I love......

1. The fall and all it's wonderful smells like burning leaves
2. Listening to Zoey snore (which she's doing now)
3. Sunday night walks with Joe and Zoey
4. Roaming around Michael's and A.C Moore
5. A freshly cleaned bathroom

Zoey in her bed...


  1. I love the Fall as well.. hands down my favorite season!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog... Thanks for sharing :)

    I also, blogged about the fall weather. If you are interested here is the link:

  3. Oh boo... I posted comment and then the computer blipped out and it disappeared :(

    Okay, I'll summarize since I don't remember word for word what I wrote... excellent facts, I especially love your love for peanut butter and last, belated CONGRATULATIONS on your house! And thanks so much for the lovely comment you left for me! Buying a house is so exciting!