Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictures as promised...

Well here are the pictures I promised. They are a little dark, today was a cloudy day. The first are of my kitchen. This first is the nook coming in from the front door. The second is standing in the nook looking into the actual "cooking area" That's Joe's department, we still have to tile the back splash. The third shot is from the other door closest to our living area.

Next we have our dining room....

Lastly is our family room along with the back of joe's head watching sports center of course.

Up stairs hasn't been painted yet we'll work on that next year. For now were are sick of painting.

I got to paint a little bit today but didn't really get done what I wanted to get done. I think I'm in a funk. I hate when I get like this. I have too many ideas in my head, and I try to do them all at once and nothing seems to look right to me.

Here is what I did today. 2 cake toppers and 1 canvas that came out terrible in this picture. It looks washed out I'll try to take better ones this week.

Until next time... K


  1. Your house looks BEAUTIFUL! I love the colours.

    The canvas is sooo cute and I love the little cake toppers too. What a great idea :)