Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hello Bandits. Happy Thursday! 1 more day of the old office job for me. While cruising the Internet at work today (shh) I came across this funky vintage shop called Ruche I just has to share. It's so classy cool.

If I haven't shared with you already I will now...I have a handbag fetish. I just love handbags I can't have enough of them. Some girls obsess over shoes or clothes, which I do love, but I really heart bags they are my weakness. I found this great bag here at Ruche and I just have to have it. Isn't it just awesome? I love big bags so this is perfect for me to lug all my stuff to work. I'll be ordering it shortly.

The also have some funky jewelry. Like thisbutterfly ring . I may have to get this too. OH! and they take Pay Pal how cool is that?

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