Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank you Direct TV

Thank you for having every possible football game collage and pro imaginable, it's a baby sitter for my loving husband! It gives me uninterrupted time to myself where I can just paint paint paint. Direct TV you are my hero.

With that said I was able to paint 4 canvas' today and make 2 more ornaments. I also played around with my new light box. I love it but I know I must be doing something wrong b/c my pictures have a slight pink tint to them. Photographer I'm not. I'm wondering if it's the settings on the camera? I'm going to give it another shot tomorrow. I was rushing myself so I'm sure it's the operator.

Here is what I painted today. 3 - 4x6 flat panel canvas' they are a series I'm calling "Bandit Houses" Then I did a 6x8 gallery wrapped canvas called "Ladybug Kiss" I really love this one.

How was your weekend?

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